Illness Through the Eyes of Faith - Series

Illness Through the Eyes of Faith

Pastors and church members spend a lot of time praying for the sick, visiting the sick, and sometimes burying the sick. Every Christian suffers occasional illness, and we all have loved ones who experience illness. Therefore, it would be helpful for congregations to spend some time thinking theologically about illness and faith. This new sermon series, “Illness Through the Eyes of Faith,” can help in that process. It revolves around three primary questions. First, does God heal people, and if so, how? Second, what happens when healing does not occur? And finally, what can we learn from illness? 

  • Part One: God’s Healing Grace: The Ability to Recover
  • Part Two: God’s Sustaining Grace: The Strength to Cope
  • Part Three: God’s Refining Grace: The Opportunity to Grow

Illness Through the Eyes of Faith - Series
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