Dead Man Walking, Part 2

"Dead Man Walking" tells the story of the prophet Elijah in 1 Kings 19. In today's stressful world, most people can relate to Elijah sitting in the wilderness, stressed out and burned out, ready to throw in the towel. Thankfully, Elijah recovered. In this sermon, we learn that Elijah's journey toward wholeness included adequate sleep, healthy food, and vigorous exercise.  (Stewardship of the body theme).
The entire sermon series includes:

  1. Elijah took some time off (vv. 3-4, 8).
  2. Elijah took care of his body (vv. 5-8).
  3. Elijah found strength from God (vv. 9, 11).
  4. Elijah got help from others (vv. 16, 21).
  5. Elijah adjusted his attitude (vv. 14, 18).
  6. Elijah returned to service (vv. 15, 19).

Dead Man Walking, Part 2
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