Core Practices of Healthy Churches (Selected Passages)

This five-week series focuses on the core practices of healthy churches—hospitality, worship, groups, service, and generosity. The series was inspired by Bishop Robert Schnase’s book, Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations. Although the sermons do not include content from Schnase’s book, his book provides the framework for the series. During this five-week series, our children, youth and adult Sunday school classes all studied the “Five Practices” book. This allowed the entire congregation to be on the same page, both in small groups and in worship, and was an extremely positive experience for our entire congregation. Small group resources for this study are available from Abingdon Press. Although the series includes five sermons, we are only charging the cost of three sermons, because some of the materials are specific to my congregation, and because one of the sermons is a Q and A sermon, which some of you will not use.

1. Hospitality
2. Worship
3. Groups
4. Service
5. Generosity

This is only available as a series.

Core Practices of Healthy Churches (Selected Passages)
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